If the trend is your friend, then where are your friends now?

80% of Americans 18 to 34 now own a smartphone.

Windows Phone has grabbed about 5% of the US smartphone market.

Android has fragmented itself to 75% of worldwide smartphone marketshare.

Intel has gotten into some mobile devices.

Power consumption is the new metric for mobile processors.

Amazon Kindle Fire is the number two tablet people use at work.

Yahoo bought social blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

Apple iTunes had its 50 billionth app downloaded.

So how’s the neighborhood?

Apple was the cool kid moving into the mobile hood and took over with the best user experience and changing the game. Suddenly the mobile tenement became the upscale condos where all the hip youth moved in.

Google was right behind Apple (actually Android was before iPhone), but created cookie-cutter apartments compared to the Apple luxury condos.  Soon however these cookie-cutter mobile devices got bigger screens and better features as Google engineers kept revving them up with an eye towards ever more integration with cloud services.  The cloud has made Google king of mobile since you can’t carry all your data with you.

The old guard of Microsoft and Intel were fat, happy and sleeping as people left their desktops and even laptops for new tablets and smartphones with bigger screens.  Yahoo was also on the sidelines and has the cloud presence to compete with Google, but has, so far, lacked a mobile strategy to get into your pocket.

While Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been on a buying spree, there’s no clear path forward in mobile for them.  Yahoo doesn’t have a mobile OS and isn’t a hardware company to make devices.  Yes Yahoo has Flickr and that has started to improve, but are apps the path for Yahoo.  Yes.

In pro-football San Francisco 49ers  coach Bill Walsh invented the “west coast offence.”  It was a strategy born of weakness, namely they didn’t have the offensive line or star running back to stick with ground game, nor did they have receivers who could be good downfield targets.  Instead Walsh came up with a game of short passes, a strategy born of weakness he later said.  It was the only thing they could do.

Yahoo is in a similar situation and apps are one way into mobile, apps plus cloud services, so I expect more of this from them and I expect a mixed bag of success.  Let’s see how much experimentation they can do.  Breathing new life into Flickr is one good sign.

Microsoft and Intel are getting small wins, so the old guard has recognized the threat from mobile and is changing to try and grab some marketshare.

Amazon is really an outsider that elbowed its way into mobile with really cool tablets.  This shows how a technology disruption can create new players.  Amazon also has the cloud services piece to stay.

Apple has conceded first market, now technological lead to Google.  Apple was the first player, the visionary, but lacked the long distance cloud service strengths Google brings.

All this tells you where your friends are and where they are in your pocket.

But what about Facebook?

Next blog post.

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