Mobile Tech Report 2016 now on Nook & Google Play

Mobile Tech Report 2016 is now available for your Barnes & Noble Nook device.  You can find it here or at the button below: Mobile Tech Report 2016 is also now available for your Android device in the Google Play store: And of course Mobile Tech Report 2016 is available for your Amazon Kindle at:

Mobile Tech Report 2016 now on Amazon Kindle

Mobile Tech Report 2016 is now available for your Amazon Kindle.  Touch or click the following button:  

2016 Mobile Technology Predictions

With 2015 fast winding to a close, it’s a good time to look ahead, so here goes.   (1) Expect a GAMA Drone announcement. By GAMA I mean Google-Apple-Microsoft-Amazon, the current Fab Four of tech.  One of these four will announce a drone for the masses.  Drones are becoming a huge phenomenon and 2016 will [...]

Review of 2015 Mobile Predictions

Before I get into my mobile technology predictions for 2016, because I’m a masochist let’s review the predictions I made for 2015 a year ago.  You can read my 2015 mobile technology predictions here. (1) Text messaging bubble pops with Facebook as winner. Yes.  Snapchat is not quite on the ropes, but struggling to justify [...]

Review of 2015 Anti-Predictions

Here’s how my 2015 anti-predictions did.  An Anti-Prediction is something that I predict won’t happen.  You can read about all my Anti-Predictions for 2015 here. (1) No Yahoo spending spree (Yahoo hoards its cash). Yes.  Yahoo is flush from the Alibaba IPO and is looking to dump the rest of the company and only hoard [...]

The Jungle,

The New York Times is a competitor to the Washington Post and recently the Post was purchased by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.  So while whatever the Times has to say about the Post needs to be taken with a grain of salt, there was a shocking new story about Amazon having a “Darwinian” style culture. [...]

January Sony debuts a new $1200 Walkman: Walkman NW-ZX2 with audiophile quality sound. Dell is also making a 4K resolution laptop with 3840×2160 screen pixels. About one quarter of Intel’s workforce is female and 16% of managers are women. Blacks and hispanics are 12% of Intel’s workforce and just 4% of executives & senior managers. [...]

Mobile Tech Report 2015 for Amazon Kindle

What has been going on in the mobile technology industry?  What happened in 2014 and what will happen in 2015?  You can read it all now on  your Amazon Kindle here.

2014: The year in review

Hey the year is almost over.  What happened??? Well in case you were deep into a trance or a funk, here’s what I saw as the year flew by.   January Smartphone market flattens with 2013 shipments up only 5% over 2012.  1.9 billion smartphones shipped in 2013. Yahoo Tech news portal debuts with former [...]

Mobile Predictions for 2015

I’m at it again.  Some of these are problems that need to be solved, so I’m offering up solutions.  Here’s what my crystal ball reveals for 2015. (1) Text messaging bubble pops with Facebook as winner. Facebook Messenger has 500 million users.  Whatsapp, which Facebook bought for $19 billion, also has 500 million users.  Can [...]

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