Anti-predictions for 2015

What is an anti-prediction? It’s something that won’t happen and here are 9 things that won’t happen in 2015. (1) No Yahoo spending spree (Yahoo hoards its cash). Fresh from gaining over $9 billion from selling its Alibaba stake in the Alibaba IPO, CEO Marissa Mayer promised to return $5 billion back to shareholders in [...]

Did or didn't part 2: 2014 Mobile Predictions review

In October 2013 I made predictions for what would happen with mobile technology in 2014.   You can find them here.  How did they pan out you ask?  Let’s see. (1) Blackberry spins off QNX. Wrong.  QNX is a small cash cow and Blackberry is in the auto industry because of them.  Ford chose QNX and thus Blackberry [...]

Did or didn't part 1: 2014 Anti-Predictions review

In October 2013 I made 12 anti-predictions about what wouldn’t happen in 2014.  What did or did not happen?  Let’s see. (1) No big mobile payments solution. Right.  Apple has tried to solve this problem with Apple Pay, but this is still rolling out and has hit some bumps with Rite Aid and CVS disabling [...]

Bury the Hachette

For the past six months there has been a public relations tug of war going on reflecting a serious business negotiation. Hachette Book Group (HBG)  has been trying to negotiate a higher price for e-books on Amazon.  HBG is owned by Hachette Livre the largest French publisher and third largest in the world.  This is [...]

Apple Watch, don't stare

The iPhone has grown stale and old.  So how do you reinvigorate a product that lead a mobile revolution and is now the corporate cash cow? If we look to Microsoft, their approach to this problem was to simply copy whatever innovator was getting market traction.  Not just Internet Explorer imitating Netscape, but even, maybe [...]

Whither Microsoft?

Where O where art thou Microsoft? On Thursday July 17, 2014 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced layoffs of 18,000 workers or 14% of Microsoft’s 128,000 workforce.  Most of those layoffs, 12,500 of them, were in the recently acquired Nokia phone division. Well mergers mean layoffs due to “synergy” which is management buzzspeak for layoffs.  However [...]

2014 Mobile Predictions mid-year review

Last October I made my predictions for what would happen with mobile technology in 2014.   You can find them here.  How have those been panning out?  Let’s see. (1) Blackberry spins off QNX. In-play.  Hasn’t happened yet and there has been news about Blackberry remaining in the auto industry last February when Ford announced [...]

2014 Anti-Predictions mid-year review

Last October I made 12 anti-predictions about what wouldn’t happen in 2014.  How have those panned out?  Let’s take them one at a time. (1) No big mobile payments solution. In-play.  So far, so broke.  There is no really big, one smartphone fits all, solution for the mobile payments problem.  I can’t buy at a [...]

Have Narrative Clip, will travel

Wearable technology is still in its infancy, but the folks over at came up with an interesting device.  To fund their idea of a wearable camera, they started out on Kickstarter and delivered the product.  Their product is a small camera you clip onto your shirt, or in my case a lanyard that I [...]

Cameras, cameras everywhere -- what does it mean?

I just backed a Kickstarter project for a camera that will produce animated GIF file output.  It’s called OTTO and the link is here. Earlier I had backed the Memeto, now called Narrative, Clip.  The Narrative Clip is a life-logging wearable that takes a photo every 30 seconds.  The link to the Narrative Clip is [...]

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