Before I get into my mobile technology predictions for 2016, because I’m a masochist let’s review the predictions I made for 2015 a year ago.  You can read my 2015 mobile technology predictions here.

(1) Text messaging bubble pops with Facebook as winner.

Yes.  Snapchat is not quite on the ropes, but struggling to justify its valuation for an IPO.  CB Insights downgraded Snapchat from a $16 billion valuation to a $12 billion valuation.  Does losing $4 billion in valuation mean anything?  Meanwhile Facebook is on a tear.  Snapchat has 100 million daily users, less than 10% of Facebook daily users.

(2) 3D printers appear in kitchen to bake and make food.

No.  You can’t eat what you design yet.

(3) Intel gets a smartphone win in the United States.

No.  It’s still an ARM world.

(4) Portable smartphone printers popup.

No.  You still have to walk over to a fixed wireless printer.

(5) Time lapse image recognition is the next big thing.

No.  Camera technology is good at following faces to keep faces in focus now, but this has not been applied to security cameras yet to track subject movements.

(6) Personal cloud and commercial cloud synchronization happens.

No.  There are some commercial solutions, but nothing for your home.  The cloud wants to own your data (and sell it), but not let you back it up elsewhere.

(7) Cloud players own the data center, non-players don’t and one cloud evaporates.

Yes.  HP exited the cloud space.  Who’s next?

(8) Amazon Echo defines a new must-have product.

Yes.  It’s here.  It hears.  It’s great.  Music is the killer app for Echo, but asking for conversion of weights and measures is great in my kitchen.  Alexa: How many tablespoons in a cup?

(9) Smartphone with interchangeable camera lenses from major player.

No.  Compact cameras have died a quick death and DSLRs are transforming into mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs), but the logic of a smartphone+ILC is not here yet.

(10) A social network for sensors is born.

No.  The Internet of Things will give birth to a social network of things, but not yet.

(11) A major cloud outage disrupts tens of millions of Americans.

Yes.  There were several, but on August 1st Facebook had a 30 minute outage and people do notice when Facebook is down (it used to be Gmail outages were the rage).

(12) Unfriend-ing leads to smaller personal social networks.

No.  In face the opposite has happened and the average number of Facebook friends (for US females) is now 250, up from 200. See this article here.


So my tally is 4 / 12  correct or 33% right.  A fine baseball batting average, but not nearly up to my knack for anti-predicting.

Next up will be my new 2016 mobile predictions.  Stay tuned in to

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