Wearable technology is still in its infancy, but the folks over at GetNarrative.com came up with an interesting device.  To fund their idea of a wearable camera, they started out on Kickstarter and delivered the product.  Their product is a small camera you clip onto your shirt, or in my case a lanyard that I wear around my neck.  Then wherever you go and at the rate of one photo per 30 seconds, a photographic record of your travels is recorded into the clip.

To keep costs minimal the clip has no wireless connectivity.  That means you have to sync it to a PC to remove the photos using a USB cable.  There’s enough memory to take about 8000 photos.  Since a photo is taken every 30 seconds that means about 4000 minutes of photo-taking is available, or roughly 60 hours.  The clip doesn’t take photos if you place it face down onto a flat surface.  So if you don’t want to take your computer on the trip, how do you bring your Narrative Clip along  and take only relevant photos?

The missing ingredient for me was a way to transport the clip to my desired destination.  I decided to spend $1.49 to build a travel kit for the clip.  Here are the materials I used to build a Clip travel kit.

I spent $1.00 at a Dollar Tree store buying a small portrait photo frame.  I spent $0.49 at an art shop buying black construction paper.

Instead of putting a pocket portrait of my sweetheart into the frame, I cut a rectangle of black paper and inserted it into the frame.

This leaves a small photo frame with a black flat surface, perfect for placing the Narrative Clip onto.  Just use a few rubber bands and…

Voila!  An instant travel kit for the Narrative Clip at the price of $1.49.  By placing the Clip face down onto the smooth flat glass surface of the photo frame and onto a black dark image, the Clip won’t take photos of the airplane tray in front of you on your long flight.  Just pack the Clip in your luggage and take it out when you reach your destination.  By not taking photos you also won’t be draining the Clip’s battery, but I do recommend taking the USB cable and a charger with you to keep the Clip fully charged before you wear it.

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